November 21, 2019
22 months after the fire, we can finally tell you the whole story!

Enjoy. With whiskey.
Adam Kontras


March 8th, 2018

And just like that our international distribution begins! Our film is now available for rent or to own on Amazon! In the coming weeks and months we will update this list for all the ways you can see or own the film.
The next phase of this journey has begun.
Adam Kontras


February 27th, 2018

Ladies and gentleman I believe we have ourselves a movie! After multiple offers we've signed with Indie Rights Movies for worldwide distribution. It will be on streaming platforms by this time next month and will be sold in Cannes this summer on the international market. So thrilled with the response so far and I look forward to it inspiring other Delorean owners to take part in this site!!! If you all remember, that was the initial goal!
Anyway, here's the trailer. Please also visit our Facebook page and share the trailer there as Facebook tends to hide YouTube links these days.
So exciting. Can't wait for you guys to see everything that happened!

Adam Kontras
September 9th, 2017
Fellow Delorean fans,
Principle filming for the Documentary is complete! Thank you to those who followed along for 8 months while so many incredible things happened. The running video diary we kept on this page now must remain private while we finish the edit and sell the movie!
A huge thank-you to everyone that followed and stay tuned to this page for updates on how things are going!
Adam Kontras