While the goal of this site is more to celebrate than to pit the contenders against each other, we do need to set-up guidelines for how we determine the "Fastest Delorean In The World" as well as parameters for others to attempt to modify their own Deloreans. We've made it as simple as possible:

You must use the stock chassis and stay within the frame rails. The reason it's a challenge to make a fast Delorean is that unlike most cars, the frame is an X and the engine is in the back. There is very little room to fit a drive train. So you can't just pick up the body, drop it on a Ferrari and call it a Delorean. You also can't strap a rocket out the back of your car. Again, this is all pretty obvious - no owners were attempting this - but guidelines are good for anyone in the future hoping to claim the "Fastest" title.
There is also a school of thought among purists that it can't be called a Delorean unless it has the stock engine... but Delorean never had the time to make a stock engine and ended up putting a Volvo in it. The entire drive train was Volvo. Because of this it's very difficult to consider any part of the mechanics of the car "Delorean". If we were looking for the "Fastest Porsche in the World" it would be make sense to not allow a Ferrari engine swap because Porsche makes their own motors. Given more money and time, I'm certain Delorean would have done the same. Sadly, it was never meant to be.
As for how we determine the "fastest" there's two benchmarks that are universally accepted among gearheads: your 1/4 mile time and documented horsepower at the wheels. It's as simple as recording video of a dyno read and recording video of a drag race in real-time.
-With the verified dyno read we determine the BHP (brake horsepower) at the flywheel (how all manufacturers rate their cars) using the universally accepted 15% drive-train loss rule. Dyno reads at the wheels are always 10-20% lower than the true horsepower of the car and the average of 15% is standard.
-Since we know the original horsepower and top speed of the stock Delorean (130hp, 109.983mph) we can determine your current top speed using the industry standard calculation of added horsepower: ((New HP/Old HP)^(1/3)*Old Top Speed). Of course any modification of the stock suspension, etc. will improve this number but for our purposes everyone is judged with the same formulas. The 1/4 mile race trumps every, single, one, of these numbers. They are simply for ranking purposes for those who have not yet taken their car to the track.
As for how we choose and rank the Contenders, we intend to spotlight anyone who has crossed the 300 horse power threshold although we will make some exceptions for creative swaps that are inspiring if not the fastest. Jeff Cooke's TesLorean is incredible and we can't wait to share his progress as well as Rich Weissensel's many, many incredible builds.

Now if any owners disagree and want to write us, by all means please don't hesitate: FastestDeloreanInTheWorld@gmail.com. Our goal is to make this as fair as possible.