Like any 80s kid, when I first saw the Delorean my jaw dropped. Those doors! That metal! IS THIS A SPACESHIP!?!?! Once Back to the Future blew me away it was my absolute dream car. And then I owned one...
...before I get to that disappointment, let me say right away: to the purists who love their stock Deloreans and keep them as close to original as possible, I have the utmost respect for you. That passion is keeping the history of the car alive for future generations. So please understand that my passion is to have the car I was promised as a kid: a futuristic space ship that was as fast as my imagination thought it was. As well, Andrew Probert's design of the time machine vents on the back turned the car into a brush stroke and the flux bands glowing at night produce one of the most stunning cars ever built. However at 130hp with a myriad of issues, taking it out is like being a light-saber at a gun show: you're faking it. You may get all the attention, but you truly can't compare to muscle cars that combine beauty and brawn.
So a small group of us have committed to changing that. This site will be documenting the complete transformation of's flagship car into the fastest Delorean in the world. We will accomplish this with a the Corvette V8 LS3 6.2L engine with custom high performance modifications for 600+hp paired with a Porsche 996 Carrera 911 C2 Manual 6 Speed 3.4L transmission. Everything on the car from the suspension to the cooling system will be replaced to allow a Delorean to handle the stress of this power. It is a massive, expensive job, but the result will not only be the fastest Delorean in the world it will be a roadmap for others to do the same.
We will also spotlight anyone who has attempted engine swaps with links, pics/video and their results so don't hesitate to contact us! If someone comes along and can claim the crown of the "Fastest Delorean" we'll be the first to spotlight it! We should all applaud the other members of our community who have the same passions and dreams.
Ladies and Gentlemen, swap your engines.
Adam Kontras